Garden Update: July 9

(Unfortunately, this is a photo-less post.  We’ve been working a LOT in the garden this week, but I didn’t think to take pictures!  Next time for sure.)

Things you learn when you actually read a book: parsnip seeds need to be cooled before they’ll grow.  So much for that experiment!  (I’ll try again next year.)

I planted some zinnias that are coming up nicely, and some white marigolds, which aren’t doing so well.   At last count, I had about 7 sad, tiny plants trying to survive, but I’ve been keeping them watered and still have hope!

The okra’s getting bigger, but not blooming yet.  Cucumbers are setting on, but one shriveled up and the rest don’t seem to be getting bigger…yet…

We have, however, been enjoying some tomatoes!!  And of course, snatching cucumbers from our neighboring garden plots (don’t worry, they don’t mind.)

The potatoes are pretty much gone–either sold or eaten by us.   Zucchini and yellow squash are still going gangbusters.

We planted some winter squash a few weeks ago–butternut and spaghetti.  So far, the plants are doing well.

Fall plans: we want to try peas, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and turnips.  We may also throw in some rutabagas, even though we usually don’t have much success with them.  I’d love to plant some herbs that could be taken indoors; it’s just, you know…a matter of doing it!


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