In defense of the potato.

I’ve heard several people now either ask if there’s any difference between homegrown and store-bought potatoes, or have the gall to simply state that there is no difference.  (WHAT?!?)

If you fall into the latter category, either you’ve never had both, or its entirely possible that your tastebuds are not be working properly.

We’re not even going to address the fact that homegrown potatoes are better for you, the earth, etc.  Today, we’re just talking about flavor.

Planting a row of potatoes

If you’ve only had commercial potatoes, it’s understandable that you might question whether there’s even room for a difference.  After eating those things you find in the store, you’ll begin to think of potatoes as bland, mealy, and insipid–so perhaps insipid is the defining nature of a potato?  I’m here to tell you that it is decidedly not so.

Homegrown potatoes, i.e. those grown usually organically, on a small scale, and usually with love and care, are creamy, smooth, flavorful–I am happy enough to eat them plain, but slap some butter on and WOW… 

So if you’ve never enjoyed a homegrown spud, make a point to get down to your local farmers market, farm stand, or even grow your own (they are fairly easy to maintain if you have the space, or even if you don’t–do a quick search and you’ll find many ways to grow potatoes without a lot of land.)


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