Welcome! Spring/Summer 2017 Plantings

Planting radishes…

We (The Garden Girls) are a mother and daughter gardening team in southcentral Kansas.  We’ve been gardening for years, but are not so great about keeping records.  So, I, the daughter half, have decided to start a journal, and figured it may as well be online!


lettuce tub
Lovely little lettuce

We mostly plant vegetables, and some herbs and flowers, but I’d really like to expand into more flowers and herbs in the future–it just seems I never get around to it!  (Story of my life.)   We have several garden spots that we maintain, some are our own, some belong to others.

So what’s in the garden right now?!

In the “big garden,” we’ve planted red and white potatoes, red and white onions, beets, and tomatoes: Jet Star, Lemon Boy, Boxcar Willie, Pink German, and some others. Cucumbers, squash, and okra are coming up nicely so far.  We had some orach, New Zealand spinach, collards, and bib lettuce, but all of that has bolted by now.  (I’m hoping to save the seeds!)  Also going to seed: Cherry Bell radishes, one giant onion from last year, and a row of huge parsnips from last year…

Onion blossom
Parsnips out of control!

At our tiny suburban home garden, we have green beans, tomatoes, rhubarb, and…marigolds!  Along with some other things, as well.

night marigolds
Some of my favorite flowers, the marigold.

We plan on planting some zinnias and winter squash soon.  I also have the crazy idea of planting parsnips now from some of the seeds that appear to be mature…I’m sure they won’t be ready to harvest this fall, but I figure I’ve got nothing to lose.

Last weekend, we had a lovely times selling some of our produce alongside the road, and hope to do that again soon–stay tuned for updates!

On the banks of potato creek…




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